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* Please note, after-hour phone and service calls could result in after-hour service charges.* 


A member of the Airtronics' Team is available 24/7 for security system emergencies by calling the monitoring station at 1-800-432-1429 and requesting service or by calling our office at 772-467-0097 and press 4 for the monitoring station.

In an effort to lower the non-security calls to the monitoring station to allow faster response time for live emergencies please take a moment to read the useful information below to determine what is considered security system emergencies and some common error messages that could appear on your security keypad and what they mean. 



 What is considered a security system emergency? 

  • A Security System actively going off with siren that cannot be disarmed/silenced due to equipment malfunction. 
  • An alarm system repeatedly sending signals to the monitoring station due to equipment malfunction.
  • Authorities on site that need assistance with security system.



 **If you have an open zone on your keypad, please make sure you have entered your 4-digit code and "1" twice in a row to clear out any recent alarm activity and double checked that any doors or windows on that zone are closed properly.**


What is NOT considered a security system emergency?  (These types of situations can be handled during normal business hours.)

  • If your security system is NOT MONITORED the monitoring station will not show any activity on your system.
  • Changing/Updating passwords, keypad codes or emergency contact lists.
  • Low Battery error messages.
  • Smoke Detectors Beeping.
  • Forgetting your alarm keypad code to arm/disarm your security system. (Airtronics does not keep record of anyone's keypad codes.  If you do not know your master alarm code there is no way to reprogram a new one unless a technician is on site. 
  • Testing Alarm Signals.
  • Needing information on recent alarm activity.
  • User error. 


Helpful Links:

 *Quick User Guide:For Hardwired V20P Security System: s3://rcfs-standard/eb3e302b-f9bc-4de9-9890-671bd9ee4f36/Vista 20P- Quick User Guide.PDF

 *User Manual: For Hardwired V20P Security System: s3://rcfs-standard/eb3e302b-f9bc-4de9-9890-671bd9ee4f36/V20p user manual.pdf

 *Quick User Guide: For Wireless Lynx 7000 Security System: s3://rcfs-standard/eb3e302b-f9bc-4de9-9890-671bd9ee4f36/lynx-7000-user-guide.pdf


Common Security Panel Keypad Error Codes:

  •  "BATT" - If your keypad says "batt" or if you notice a low, fast chirp from your keypad once every 12 hours that is your main security panel backup battery alerting you that it needs to be replaced soon.  This battery is just a backup battery and as long as your system has main electrical power your system will work properly. To stop the fast chirp from your keypad press "1" on your keypad and it should stop. This battery is located inside your main security panel (grayish box with keylock on front) You can purchase and install a replacement battery if you'd like and the panel will read the new battery within 12 hours and the battery error message will go away. The replacement back up battery is a 4ah 12volt battery.
  • "bf"- This error codes mean back up failure/trouble with your cellular communicator. It means your AT&T or Verizon cellular communicator (that sends your alarm signals) has a low or lost signal with the cellular tower. This code is usually followed by a rapid beep on your keypad. Press "1" to stop the beep.  Your communicator will check in again with the cell towers in a few hours and may regain the proper signal on it's on. If the code does not disappear after 24-hours please call the office to schedule a service call. 
  • "Any zone code" (Ex. 02, 11) -Means that particular zone is open so your alarm is not ready to be armed.  Please be sure you double check that all openings for that zone are closed properly. Then enter your 4-digit code and "1" in the keypad to clear out that zone.  If the code continues to appear please call the office to schedule a service call. 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • I changed the battery in one of my smoke detectors but it is still beeping?  Not all smoke detectors installed in your home are attached to your security system. Usually only 1 or 2 will be your monitored smoke detectors.  If the alarm smoke detector is having an issue you will also get an error message on your keypad.  If there is no error message on keypad and the chirping is not coming from your keypad then it would be your electrician smoke detectors and you would need to call an electrician to fix the issue. 
  • How do I change my master user code?  (*For hardwired security systems) Enter your existing 4-digit, 802, new 4-digit code & new 4-digit code again and keypad should beep. (*To test your new master code: Enter the 4-digit code and 9 and keypad should beep.
  • What is I forgot my security keypad code to arm/disarm my system? (Airtronics does not keep record of anyone's keypad codes.)  If you do not know your master alarm code there is no way to reprogram a new one unless a technician is on site. Please call our office to schedule a service call. 
  • How do I bypass an open zone so I can arm my system?  (*For hardwired security systems)Enter your 4-digit code, 6 (Bypass), zone you want to bypass (ex. 01, 10) Keypad will beep, bypass and zone should show on keypad with green ready light. You can now arm your system like normal.  Bypass will have to be done every time you want to arm your system until that zone is fixed. 
  • How can I tell if house guest/housekeeper/etc. reset my alarm when they left?  The only way to have this function for your alarm system is to have the Total Connect remote service and app. set up on your smart phone.  This service will notify you each time an action is done to your alarm system. You will also have the ability to control your security system from anywhere.
  • How do I test my alarm system?  (*For hardwired security systems) To test your alarm system, make sure your keypad says chime in the upper right corner of your keypad.  If it does not enter your 4-digit code and "9" (chime) and turn the chime on.  Once the chime is on open one door or window at a time and listen for the keypad to chirp.  

If you have a security system non-emergency question or service request please give our office a call during normal business hours or submit a request at


Storms & Natural Disasters: 

Your Backup Battery Activates Automatically- When the power goes out, your alarm system will move to battery power automatically. This gives you uninterrupted protection no matter what the weather or external situation is.

 As a result, even if there’s no power, your alarm is still running. If someone breaks into your home, we’ll be notified and can alert you and the police. By the same token, if you come home during a power outage, you still have to enter your code to disarm your security as normal!

How long will your battery back up last?- Running solely on backup power, your security system will work for several hours, which is usually long enough to restore power.  In the event your power is out longer than normal and the backup battery starts running low your keypad will start beeping and show “low bat” on the screen.  Your home will still be protected as long as your back up battery is running.  In the event, the back-up battery dies your keypad will go completely blank with no lights.  If this happens your alarm panel is no longer powered up and will not send any alarm signals until your main power comes back on.

You May Get a Low Battery Alert- If the power is out for an extended period of time, you may get an alert on your alarm system panel. This is simply because the battery is being used but isn’t able to recharge until the power company restores electricity.

 Once the power is restored, the battery alert should disappear within 24 hours. If it doesn’t, feel free to give us a call!

Power Outage Issues - If your area has been affected by a power outage as a result of a storm, you may be dealing with one of the following common issues: 

1. If your system is beeping, it may be because the backup battery has begun powering the system. Simply enter your keypad code and hit "disarm" to clear the alert. After power is restored, if beeping still occurs after 24 hours, please give us a call to schedule service at 772-467-0097. 
2. If the panel shows "Comm Trbl" or a similar alert, enter your keypad code and hit "disarm" to clear the alert. 
3. Once your power has been restored, the backup battery should recharge in about 24 hours. If the low battery condition persists, be sure to check the keypad display for any indications of system trouble. You can also look for the following common causes of low battery conditions: 
- Unplugged control panel 
- Tripped circuit breaker 
- Outlet powering the alarm system is in need of repair. 

 *If the keypad TROUBLE indicator remains on for 24 hours after power has been restored, the battery may need to be replaced.*

What to Do When Power Returns:-  When the power comes back on, your alarm system should continue to work normally. If you have concerns, make sure that the system is plugged into a working outlet. Also, check the breaker connected to the outlet and make sure it hasn’t tripped.  As long as the power comes back and the alarm is plugged into a working outlet, everything should be functioning correctly. If it’s not, call us and we can troubleshoot the problem.

Surveillance Camera Issues:- If you are experiencing any issues with viewing your Total Connect cameras please be aware that power and internet service may affect your ability to view your cameras.

How can I get my system serviced after a major storm?- For customers needing service calls or awaiting installation, we ask for patience as we may face higher than normal work volume resulting from storm damage or office closings. As always, your security is our top priority, and Airtronics’ is working as quickly as possible to assist all customers.  

Preparing for your Service Call: After a major storm or natural disaster some customers experience issues with their system that can’t be fixed easily and require us to send a technician to the home. In order for us to be able to effectively service your system please ensure the following items are addressed prior to calling and scheduling a service call.

-Power to the home is on.
-Phone lines are active (if monitored thru landline.)
-Enough time has passed for the power to recharge the back-up battery. This can take 24-48 hours. 


 Major Event:

In bigger disasters, like a hurricane or flood, the monitoring center (CMS) will still have power. A backup power generator allows this building to keep monitoring your home, answering your questions, and much more. If ever the monitoring center is down, you will be serviced by another Customer Monitoring Center, so your service never stops. Just be aware that the more centers that shut down, the busier the other centers will be, so please be patient.

*We highly recommend testing your security system after any severe thunderstorm or natural disaster.  Especially if you feel your home has been hit by lightening or taken any power surges.  Lightening can cause individual contacts and devices to not work properly and if the system has been affected the keypad will not always show these error messages.  You also want to make sure your system is still communicating properly with the monitoring station.  To test the communication of your alarm system please call our office during normal business hours and we'll gladly walk you thru testing your system. Please give Airtronics a call at 772-467-0097 to schedule service if you feel all other contacts and devices may need to be tested. *